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Monday, December 1, 2014

Travel and Healthy Retirement

Aloha Everyone,

J.J. and I recently read an article about Why Travel Leads to a Healthy Retirement. The writer cites following points why he believes travel is good for one's health.

1)  More active life
2)  Opportunity for more social contacts
3)  Engaged in new activities that stimulate and challenge the brain.
4)  Improves  your mood and helps reduces stress level

We cannot agree more. Since we began our adventure in Honu, J.J. and I have had chance to spend more time with our family who reside on the Continental USA. Due to our mobility and flexibility, we have been able to meet some of our old friends in unexpected locations

We also had a chance to deepen our friendship and made new friends in places we have not been to previously. Everyday we are ready and eager to try new adventure.

Our world has broadened from living in a city to living in multiple cities and multiple states. The square footage inside Honu may be physically limited, however Honu gives us chance to experience ever changing vistas with each mile we travel. Opportunity to enjoy beautiful and amazing places and to learn new customs, history, geography and regional culture are some of the reasons why we think travel leads to healthy retirement.

Counting our blessings with each sunrise and sunset, we bid adieu to another relaxing day.

Reference: Why Travel Leads to a Healthy Retirement
US News By Tom Sightings

Aloha -- Cathi