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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Paradise Valley Mall

Aloha Everyone,

Woke up to a perfect desert weather but by the time we were ready to move, the temperature had risen to 89 degrees Fahrenheit and it was too hot to walk.

We headed for Paradise Valley Mall where the first thing on our list was lunch.

For a fast food meal, these were as healthy as we could get.

I have been having difficulties looking at my iPhone screen under the bright sunlight. I found a place where they repair mobile phones.

Homer was extremely helpful. He removed all the fingerprints and oil stains from my iPhone then installed anti-glare filter in front and a protective filter on the back. It took him about 12 minutes in all and now I have a clean phone that I can see the images in the sunlight.

Our final stop was at a Wells Fargo Bank branch. J.J. and I walked a total of 90 minutes and we are feeling great.