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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Citrus Growers in Arizona

Aloha Everyone

All over the Phoenix areas, J.J. and I have seen many orange trees full of fruits.  Arizona's warm climate makes it an ideal place to cultivate citrus trees.

Arizona is the second highest lemon producing state behind California. In 2000, these two states produced 95% of all lemon crops in the United States.

Yesterday our day trip took us to the farm area of Mesa. We stopped by at Power Road Farmers Market located at 4011 S. Power Road. The proprietor, T.J., was friendly and accommodating as I went around his store taking photos. The sampling of orange he offered me was very juicy and sweet.

Tonight we are back in Yuma. Honu is parked between an orange tree and a tangelo (cross between orange and tangerine). The RV park manager told us to pick the fruit and enjoy. We will just pick a couple of each to consume as we cannot take them into California.

I love unexpected visitors. Jim and Judy knocked on the door of Honu as they were curious to see the interior. They are from Omaha, Nebraska and were headed for San Diego. A wonderful couple with positive attitude on life. A brief but such a special encounter made our day.

Aloha -- Cathi