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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Elk, Mule Deer & 1/2 Mile Hike To Waterfall

Aloha Everyone,

We have occasionally had elk sighting at distance but today we were overjoyed to have a close encounter.

Mule Deer have big body with large ears which resembles mule's ears. They were sauntering around the campground not being mindful of human visitors. After all, this is their natural habitat and we are only temporary guests.

On Route 160 East, just outside of Creede, we saw a sign indicating a waterfall. It was an exhilarating hike on unpaved mountain trail. I ran down the 1/4 mile to join J.J. who stayed behind to study the map of Colorado. It was only 1/2 mile hike total but I truly appreciated the physical workout.

Shaw Creek Rest Stop in South Fork just off the main road was our lunch stop. We noted a sign which stated that a maximum is 12 hours.

Unchanging pastoral scenery only to be interrupted by lightning and heavy downpour.  

Our stay for the night is KOA Camping Colorado City south of Pueblo.

Aloha -- Cathi