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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Benton Hot Spring

Aloha Everyone,

Natural Hot Springs with various minerals have therapeutic effect on your body and mind. When J.J. mentioned about Benton Hot Spring located about 36 miles from Bishop, I was eager for today's excursion.

Route 6 is straight and well maintained. We stopped at the town's only gas station with cafe to inquire about the Inn At Benton Hot Spring.

Kerisa working in the coffee shop was exuberant and helpful and pointed us to the right direction. A lovely girl, she did not seem to belong to Benton with a population of mere 240.  Sometimes our encounters are too brief that it would be awkward for me to ask for their stories.

Benton Hot Spring was far different from what I had imagined. A road sign says Elevation of 5,600 plus/minus and population of 13 1/2. Surely a baby counts as a whole and not a half.

The Bed & Breakfast Inn has a number of good write ups including their own website. But the gentleman we spoke to at the inn was circumspect, and just kept referring us to the website regarding our questions about their rooms, hot spring and RV park. He stated, "I jus work here," and was not very helpful.

I personally walked away feeling uncomfortable. The Inn is supposed to be over 200 years old. The town was once a thriving community of 6,000 plus residents. What had happened?

Back to Bishop, our lunch was at Aaron Schatz. J.J. had hamburger while I ordered a veggie burger.

The forecast is light rain within an hour. While we wait for such blessing, J.J. and I are comfortable working inside Honu.

Aloha -- Cathi