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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dinosaur National Monument (UT) to Grand Junction (CO)

Aloha Everyone,

Located at the northeastern corner of Utah, Dinosaur National Monument's parking lot and the visitor center were filled with families.  Display inside the visitor center were informative and entertaining for adults and children. There is an RV campground within the park that offers night-time activities such stargazing. J.J. and I are returning here maybe with our granddaughter.

Dinosaur footprint - my foot as a size comparison

Colorado, a new state for Honu! The main activity for the remainder of the day was driving to Grand Junction. On the map, Route 139 seems like a straight road. Therefore, J.J. thought that this would be a good section for me. The winding one lane highway was hardly straight. However, with very little traffic, I was able to maintain 55 mph where the maximum was 65 and 45 mph where the maximum was 55. J.J. teased me that it would take us all day if we keep up with my crawling speed. :-)

J.J. exchanging stories with bikers returning from Sturgis, SD

At Douglas Pass (Elevation 8,240 ft)  we came to a sign "Road Damage Ahead". It was an opportune time for J.J. to resume driving. Once back on flat land, I again operated Honu. It was fun 2 hours for me but tense for J.J.

Junction West RVPark in Grand Junction, CO turned out to be an excellent choice. Happiness is clean and modern amenities and strong WiFi. Dinner at Olive Garden. Please use your imagination of my tossed green salad, charcoal broiled salmon with broccoli and J.J.'s Italian noodle soup plus shrimp pasta. They were very satisfying. Unfortunately, my iPhone battery had died.

Aloha -- Cathi