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Friday, August 14, 2015

Mesa Verde National Park

Aloha Everyone,

Mesa Verde is known for cliff dwellings. It is remarkable and difficult to phantom how the Ancestral Pueblo people made their homes in steep and unapproachable cliffs during the period from AD 600 to 1300.

There are nearly 5,000 known archaeological sites that are protected by National Park Service. Among them are  
600 cliff dwellings.

Morefield Campground located within this national park had vacancies. As we were driving slowly to select a site, J.J. saw a woman trying to flag us down.

Rich and Bonnie and their son are on a holiday from Salt Lake City Utah. The battery of their truck that is pulling a camper had died. J.J.'s attempt to assist them using jump cables unfortunately was unsuccessful.

Paulette, Susan, Kenny, and Jerome were visitors from Texas. Outgoing and gregarious foursome traveling on their motorbikes, they gave us suggestions on places to see in in their state.

The Cliff Palace loop offers a number of points of interest.

We met Bob at "house with many windows" lookout. He was visiting from Virginia with his four children.

After an endless supply of hot shower, J.J. and I enjoyed an excellent dinner of lettuce, cucumber, avocado & corned beef in pita pocket with roasted  Gorgonzola crackers. Our treat purchased from the general store in the campground was Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, one of their top sellers for J.J. and chocolate ice flavor for me.

Aloha -- Cathi