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Friday, August 21, 2015

Sumptuous Greek Food at Athinean in Billings, Montana

Aloha Everyone,

From Buffalo, Wyoming to Big Timber/Greycliff, Montana driving took us about five hours. Despite hazy weather and dull landscape, we are excited to be in Montana.

We had lunch at the Athinean in Billings, Montana.

The vegetarian dolmades (long-grain rice wrapped in grape leaf) was authentic Greek. J.J. loved his lamb kabob plate. For dessert, as usual, we shared a slice of baklava.

Our server, Nicole was an out-going young lady and offered us information on places to visit near Billings. 

Billing is the largest city on the state of Montana. According to the most recent available census data, Billings us the only city in Montana with a population over 100,000. What we saw of the downtown Billings appeared to be a charming, rural community.

Elizabeth was curious to know about Honu, so we invited her to come on board to take a look. During the brief time we spent together, J.J. and I learned that she is also a yoga teacher and that she and I share other common interests. We parted company by promising to get to know one another via email.

As we left the plains and started to see hills and trees, we began to notice the haze started to clear and the landscape became more defined. The haze is from multiple forest fires in several north-western states.

We are staying at Big Timber / Greycliff KOA Campground in Big Timber. Surrounded by tall pine trees, we are listening to the sound of falling rain.

Aloha -- Cathi