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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Canyon de Chelly South Rim Drive then onto Mesa Verde, CO

Aloha Everyone,

The. South Rim Drive J.J. and I took this morning is a 37 miles round-trip and has six designated overlooks. It offers panoramic views of the canyons, Defiance Plateau and the Chuska Mountains.  

A sandstone spire that rises 800 foot from the canyon floor is aptly named Spider Rock. Distinctive and photogenic site, J.J. also took photos with his camera and I did a few quick sketches in my travel book.

The views from Tsegi Overlook with Navajo farmlands, Chinle Valley and confluence of two canyons: del Muerto and de Chelly also gave us additional perspective. J.J. and I especially enjoyed spotting a couple of jeeps on the canyon floor. We relived our previous day's adventure of frequently forging through the wash. And Sandy taking an involuntary quick dip.

Our lunch at Denny's, the only real restaurant in Chinle, before starting today's drive. 

On US 160 through Four Corners (Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado) is another gorgeous  area of our beautiful country.

Mesa Verde National Park camping ground is still closed. We are staying at Ancient Cedar RV Park located just across the highway from the entrance to the national park. Snow-capped mountains are visible towards the northern direction.

Aloha -- Cathi