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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Navajo National Monument to Canyon de Chelly

Aloha Everyone,

Navajo National Monument is located west of Kayenta in the Navajo Nation, Northern Arizona.  

This national monument was established to protect three-well preserved cliff dwellings -- Keet Seel, Betatakin, and Inscription House. Sandy and Gene from Seattle, WA also stopped at this remote, less visited monument located high on the Shonto plateau. By the time we ran into them again at the visitor center, we were like greeting long lost friends.

While J.J. remained in Honu, I went on the  Sandal Trail. It is one mile round trip ending at the Betatakin ruins that can be seen across the 560-foot-deep Betatakin Canyon. Not a smart decision on my part to run the entire 1 mile of uneven trail in 20 minutes. I will be doing  some exercises to remove stiffness in my left leg.

Ruby, originally from California, and her husband, Clem who is from France are world travelers. Their style of traveling is finding work along the way. For example, Ruby mentioned that she worked in a restaurant in New York for a year. Their current travel will continue until the money runs out.

Ruby and Clem have have already traveled through India, Peru and Argentina. They are our kindred spirit and perhaps our path will cross again.

Beautiful, ethereal almost poetic light caused by the approaching thunder storm as J.J. and I prepared to settle for the night at the Cottonwood Camping Ground.

Aloha -- Cathi