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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Scenic Drive On US Highway 395 to Carson City, NV

Aloha Everyone,

Don works for the California State Park & Recreation. He has been on the job for 10 years and Don shared with us his frustration regarding "millionaires who own vacation homes in June Lake."

"They are so tightfisted that they refused to pay for a private rubbish collector," said Don. He has caught a number of them dumping household appliances, old bathroom fixtures, etc. He even found bins stuffed with cardboard and wooden crates used to mail wine bottles, Maine lobsters and Alaskan salmons. The recipients' names and addresses were intact so they were sent fines of $2000.

Please enjoy our scenic drive through snow-capped mountains, lakes, alpine villages, rivers and thriving farm land to our destination -- Carson City, Nevada.

My lunch of fresh mixed green salad, a hard boiled egg with 1 slice of Gluten-free bread and gelatin for dessert. Yum!  

Aloha -- Cathi