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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Window Rock Monument To Tuba City, AZ

Aloha Everyone,

Window Rock, a prominent  and natural redstone arch, is located in the Navajo Nation. A small park at the base of this mystical rock formation is a Veteran's Memorial to honor Navajos who served in the US Military. Navajo Code Talkers used their native language to communicate in code that was never broken by the enemy. They are credited by historians for helping to win World War II.

The Navajo Nation headquarters and other government offices are also located near this sacred rock.

From Window Rock, we took Arizona Highway 264. Our drive included First, Second and Third Mesa in the Hopi Reservation. However, there were no road signs, no visible Hopi villages to distinguish the area from the rest.

Scenic but precarious ride through the mustard colored Second Mesa where we found the Hopi Museum and a restaurant. Beef with stirred fried vegetables over white rice tasted and looked very similar to a dish served at Panda Express. For added measure of coincidence, small packets of soy sauce and hot sauce our waitress brought for us had the Panda Express label.

We faced a minor inconvenience as the State of Arizona and the Hopi Nation do not observe the daylight saving's time but they do within the Navajo Nation. My iPhone automatically makes adjustments letting us think it is time for lunch then an instant later it's only 11:00 am and so on.

Our accommodation is an RV park located behind Quality Inn Tuba City.  

Abundance of seasonal fresh fruits are available even in remote places. Tonight I prepared a fruit salad of strawberries and blackberries with fresh steamed spinach, sesame seed dressing, and pastrami sandwich with honey mustard and Navajo corn chips. One thing we hardly eat are frozen foods and we NEVER eat canned foods.

Aloha -- Cathi