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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Laundry Day With Pat & Pat From Missouri

Aloha Everyone,

Windy and chilly morning, a perfect day to do our laundry!

Pat (Patrick) and Pat (Patricia) from Missouri had the same idea. As the four of us sorted, washed, dried and folded our laundry, we learned that they live in Missouri, but winter in Florida. They had sailed to the Bahamas in their sailboat and explored the islands using bicycles.

Page-Lake Powell Campground, per the information sheet they provide, has 120 RV plus 23 tent sites. Approximately 40% of the RV sites are reserved for monthly staying guests. Conveniently located off a main road to Page and within a five minutes drive to restaurants, hotels, library, post office and Safeway.  

For lunch, J.J. went back to the Thai restaurant where I had kale salad with vegan garlic tofu. J.J. selected a bit more dressed up kale salad and chicken fried rice.

Following an unusually windy and cold day, this evening's sunset took our breathe away.

Aloha -- Cathi