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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Back to Northern California

Aloha Everyone,

40 degrees, sunny and clear morning. Last night the temperature dipped to 31, but we were comfortable in Honu with our Alpaca blankets from Cuenca for extra warmth and comfort.

Took US 80 through Reno and Donner Pass.

Another perfect driving day. Lots of accumulated snow at the summit rest stop.

Brake check area for trucks was congested with nearly 40 long-haul trucks. Impressive! J.J. mentioned that most of them will comply for their own safety. I would love to interview some truckers as I am sure they have interesting stories to share. By their appearance and demeanor, most truck drivers are husky, rugged, solitary individuals. Hopefully we will encounter someone who would enjoy having a conversation with us. J.J. reminded me that truckers are usually on a tight schedule.

A quick lunch of cheese, bread and fruits at the Gold Run Rest Stop. While J.J. took a nap, I walked around the premise and enjoyed wild flowers.

Sel and Virginia also just arrived at the RV park we are staying for the next two nights. They are in the process of deciding where to set their roots down. In the meantime, the couple, like us, has been enjoying various state as well as national parks.

Aloha -- Cathi