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Monday, April 4, 2016

Our Photo Journal of Capitol Reef National Park

Aloha Everyone,

According to the information provided by Utah's National Park publication: "The name, CAPITOL comes from the white domes of Navajo Sandstones that resembles the Capitol dome in Washington. D.C. and REEF for the rocky cliffs that are a barrier to travel, like an ocean reef."

From our RV park in Torrey, J.J. and I took a 22 miles round trip. We stopped at the nearby Gifford Farm House and purchased a delicious peach pie and a jar of fruit jam from Monica (l) and Tani (r). Active fruit farms still remain where Mormon settlers built homes, cultivated and canned fruits.

The  Scenic Drive of 16 miles round-trip to Capitol Gorge where paved roads end was stunning, breathtaking and inspiring.

Again words fall short in trying to do justice in describing multi-colored towering cliffs, solitary white sandstone domes and the chocolate-colored Fremont River.  

Please enjoy our photo journal taken over 5 hours.

Aloha -- Cathi