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Saturday, April 9, 2016

No Roof But Sky

Aloha Everyone

Please enjoy my two selection from No Roof But Sky (Of the American West) edited by Jane Candia Coleman.

The people of the stone houses are gone
Whirled like chaff over dry fields
Scattered by the war darkness of
dust devils

What remains --
Sculpted walls, curved shards, small stores of corn -- say little

What we know is that they lived like birds
That from their doorways
They looked out and out
Over shimmering trees
Into the arms of sky
And that one day, light-boned
Weightless as any winged flock
Before a journey
They rose and flew

The grass is browning over, 
we say 
With the satisfaction of pasture watchers
And we say it until it happens,
The way we forecast rain and

Doomed by distance
We draw seasons around us
for vindication
Tatooed by clouds,
Marked as surely as the storms
mark courses in the sand

We want for change
Tied by our eyes
To this valley
This sky

Aloha -- Cathi