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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Honu's 75,000 Miles Servicing

Aloha Everyone,

Our morning was occupied by having Honu's 75,000 miles service appointment at the Lindon Mercedes Benz dealership. As always they were thorough and efficient and we were back on the road in two hours. The total cost was $695 that included replacing the windshield wiper blades and prepaying for Honu's 90,000 miles servicing.

Driving by the South Towne Center in Sandy, we saw "the White Big Top, the biggest touring tent on Earth" featuring the Cavalia Horse Show. We previously saw the tent on I-405 on our way to San Diego. I mentioned to J.J. that if we see the White Big Top in another state, we should consider watching the show!

Nick, our server at Jim's Family Restaurant in Sandy had a striking beard. He told us that it would take about a month to grow to its present stage. With a twinkle in his eyes, he agreed be photographed for our blog.

There was no vegetarian selection on the menu, so I ordered the Weight Watcher's platter of breakfast steak, boiled egg and cottage cheese. J.J.'s Souvlaki looked and I am sure tasted great, but I abstained it since it was made with pork.

Honu's clean exterior got quickly covered with dust as we drove through the industrial areas of Salt Lake City to Ogden.

Our RV park accommodation for tonight is in Ogden. Tomorrow we will stay at an RV park in Brigham City.

Aloha -- Cathi