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Sunday, June 19, 2016

To Nephi via Park City, UT

Aloha Everyone,

Most of us think of the 2002 Winter Olympic when we read about Park City, Utah. Alpine village commercialized with shops and restaurants, reminded us of Aspen, CO.

In 2010 United States census, resident population of Park City was 7,558. However being less than 30 miles from Salt Lake City, this is a popular destination for weekenders. On average, visitors exceed the number of permanent residents. We drove by lots of homes, townhouses and condominiums with very little activity and few cars.

Our search for space to park Honu was futile. The covered parking lots have low ceilings and open-air parking stalls were all too narrow or too short for Honu.

We had a lunch at Panda Express where they have allocated ample parking for RVs. After shopping for provisions at Whole Foods next door J.J. and I decided to head south to Nephi.

There are definite advantages when returning to a familiar RV parks. Today being Sunday, the owner, Trevor and his family were off. We self-checked then selected a shady site for Honu to settle in for the night.

J.J. is delighted with the Italian salami from Whole Foods which he exclaimed was, "One of the best I've had in the states!"

For my main dish, I had mixed salad with cottage cheese sprinkled with cinnamon. I also prepared side dishes of boiled tofu with pesto sauce and steamed fresh spinach with sesame seeds and my Mother's special sauce for the two of us. With an exception of Rainier Cherries, this was a very healthy meal.

As the sun was setting, I walked around the camp ground to get my exercise.

Aloha -- Cathi