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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Starting Our Drive Back To La Jolla, CA

Aloha Everyone,

We are grateful for our friends who have come into our life to share their knowledge and to teach us some valuable lessons. If I compare LuLu to a flower, she would be an exotic orchid. Unique, colorful and unforgettable with unlimited kindness and sense of humor, she breezed into our life over a dozen years ago and stayed. LuLu's birthday month is June and ever since we've known her she has spent the month of June somewhere around the world. One year, she was in India to save orphaned elephants, Then she was in Nepal to work in an orphanage. This morning, LuLu sent us an email from Rapa Nui (Easter Island). She wrote: "I am following my passion of chasing spiritual ancient sites around the world! "

Thinking of LuLu and our other friends who are far in distance but close at heart, J.J. and I enjoyed our drive on US 395.  A lunch stop at Jack's Restaurant in Bishop where noontime temperature was 103 degrees. Yet the surrounding mountain peaks still have snow.

My lunch was one half meatloaf sandwich without bread, gravy on the side, and coleslaw instead of mashed potatoes. It was excellent. Our waitress looked incredulous when she heard my request so she gave a sigh of relief for J.J.'s order of regular hamburger and fries.

J.J. and I are staying at the Boulder Creek RV Park. With Honu's AC working well, we are ready for a warm night.

Aloha -- Cathi