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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Return to La Jolla, CA

Aloha Everyone,

Woke up a little before 5:00 am and walked around the RV park to photograph the sunrise for our granddaughter. J.J. and I made efficient use of our time so by 7:00 am, we were on the road.

On US 395 South, we were delayed at two sections due to on-going road maintenance. Flagman would stop one side of the road and a pilot car leads the way escorting cars for nearly 3 miles. One of our waits was 16 minutes and I counted l at least 52 vehicles following a pilot car from the other direction. Federal and state jobs In constructions seem to have areas where they can use efficiency experts. We saw a lots of workers standing around looking idle.

We stopped at Chili's in the city of Lake Elsinore located in Riverside County.  

I enjoyed a small spring mixed salad and J.J. liked his enchiladas platter.

Our waiter came over to ask if we like a printed bill or would we prefer to use their "do-it-yourself" payment system. Curious as to how it works, J.J. used one of his credit cards to try the system. In addition to making the payment, you also add the tip. You can also use the gadget to order food and drink without calling for a waiter. When the waiter returned to us asking how we like the system, I posed the question whether or not he feels threatened about his job security since all he does is to bring the food to the table. You can order food and drink plus dessert using this gadget and pay your bill as well without assistance. His answer was, "well, with the extra time we have will allow us to provide better service to our diners!"

Wonderful to be back with our son's family in La Jolla to celebrate our granddaughter's 9th birthday. We played card games, went to a park to ride on her new scooter and wrapped up a lovely day.

Aloha -- Cathi