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Friday, July 1, 2016

Fellowship With Other Early Risers

Aloha Everyone,

I've always been a morning person. I love the quiet hour between daybreak and when the world begins to wake up.

In the morning, most people are nicer and kinder. Air is cool and clean. Listening to bird songs one cannot but to smile and hum a tune. It is a wonderful way to begin your day.

Early risers you meet are ready to get their body warmed up and get in shape. Some are serious runners focused on each step they take.

Others are social runners with a running partner. They run together to deepen their friendship.

One of more interesting is the dancing couple, with music blaring, they dance from one end of the field then back again, not just once, twice but five times, the entire time I was at the park.  

In the late afternoon, my granddaughter and I returned to the park. She continued to help me advance on my scooting skills. I learned to use foot and hand brakes if I need to suddenly come to a halt. I also practiced in continuous turns from large to smaller circles. As with any "lessons" she has given me, my granddaughter was encouraging. She assured me that I am a very fast learner :-). As to her offer of getting me a scooter for my birthday, my suggestion is to let me borrow her scooter whenever we visit. We have no room in Honu and beside, many RV parks state and national parks would frown on adults riding scooters.

Aloha -- Cathi