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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mojave Desert & Witnessing The Forest Fires On CA-14.

Aloha Everyone,

Up at 5:00 am. Too hot to sleep so by 7:10 we were on the road. Today's expected high is 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

J.J. and I usually take I-5 but for a change of scenery, we decided on California State Route 14. It is is a north–south state highway traversing the Mojave Desert with the southern portion assigned as the Antelope Valley Freeway.

Mojave is an arid area that covers a section of the southeastern part of the state. It is interesting to note that one can discern the boundaries of the Mojave Desert by the appearance of Joshua Trees. These unique and easily identifiable trees are considered an indicator for the desert that is the driest part of North America.

Our enjoyment of the Red Rock Canyon State Park was short lived as we approached the towns of Agua Dulce and Acton. We drove through a dense haze which.became heavy smoke. At times, plumes rising from the mountain ranges appeared like some prehistoric volcanic eruption.

The haze followed us all the way back beyond Long Beach. We are pained to learn of the loss of lives, livestock, homes while the fires continue to rage.

Aloha -- Cathi