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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Back To Roma

Aloha Everyone,

Before we boarded the express train in Firenze, J.J. and I purchased our breakfast. One of the interesting system we noticed of purchasing food or other goods in Italy is: 1) you first decide on what you would like, (2) then get the ID number for the item and a printed receipt (3) take this receipt to the cashier, make payment and the cashier will stamp the receipt "paid" (4) take back the receipt stamped paid back to the counter and finally get your order fulfilled. I suppose the system minimizes cheating by employees. 

Our apartment for the last week in Roma is called Optimus B&B owned and operated by Andrea. Located near the main train station on a residential street, there are four buildings sharing a green inner courtyard.  

Excellent security system, it requires 4 different keys to access our room. First, the main door from the street, then an iron door to our building, up to the 3rd floor in a lift, 3rd key via multi-locked door to access the foyer with a video monitoring device and the last key to enter our apartment.

With a kind, congenial personality, Andrea made us feel very welcome plus with such an elaborate security system, we feel safe!  Andrea helped us make reservations to visit Galleria Borghese for Tuesday afternoon.  

Aloha -- Cathi