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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Excellent Florentine and Tuscan Cuisine

Aloha Everyone,

Food is an important part of our travels. Tuscany is known for simple and hearty cuisine using fresh meat, fish and a large array of locally grown fresh vegetables, fresh herbs and a generous use of olive oil. Local bread, pane alla toscana is made without salt and served hard, crusty almost like a day old bread.

Choosing a restaurant is something the two of us take seriously. We prefer a trattoria or osteria. These are usually family-owned and serve home-cooked meals. Often the husband greets the passerbys and the wife is in the kitchen  cooking. We've also had success eating at restaurant/ pizzeria and tavola calda (hot table). As much as possible, we try to walk on if most of the patrons eating are tourists and if the waiter calls out, "Dinner Sir, Madam?" 

Unless it is too chilly to stay outdoors, J.J. and I join the rest of the diners and eat on the sidewalk portion of the restaurant. Coperto (the cover charge) is sometimes higher if you sit at a sidewalk table. I wonder what do restaurants pay to the city for encroaching.

Andrew and Veiss from Australia. They are at the half way point of their year long world travel.  We exchanged our emails to keep in touch.

We are having our laundry done at a lavanderia nearby. If we use the self-service machine, we were quoted €18 for two loads. For an additional €1 the lady agreed to wash and dry our clothes. We love these small indulgences in foreign countries.

Aloha -- Cathi