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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Simple Everyday Italian Dishes

Aloha Everyone,

This morning, after a hearty breakfast at the B&B Hotel, we took a taxi and moved closer to the center of the city. For those of you who are interested, B&B Hotel is a chain which started in Brittaney, France in 1990. Today there are 252 sites in France as well as in Italy, Spain and Germany. Clean, spacious and modern rooms with free WiFi, breakfast, plus no penalty to cancel before 7:00 pm. J.J. and I made a mental note to book rooms directly on our next trip.

Our current accommodation at Hotel Al Cason is in the same category. After the train ride to Venice and long walks yesterday, J.J. declared " a rest day!"  

So it might be appropriate that at the half way point of our Italian adventure, today's blog is on the assortment of Italian dishes we have been enjoying.  

Aloha -- Cathi