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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Walking Tour of Padova

Aloha Everyone,

The medieval palaces, churches and arched city center represent historical Padova.  

In the morning, J.J. and I visited the Basilica of St Antony, Prato Della Valle and museums inside Palazzo Zimmerman.

A wonderful lunch at a restaurant where the handwritten menu gave us a large selection of vegetables and seafoods.

University of Padova, one of oldest, greatest and progressive learning institutions is associated with such illustrious individuals as Galileo, Petrarch, Copernicus and Dante. Current student body of 60,000 invigorates the city with their youthful energy.

The tasty, freshly roasted chestnuts we purchased from a vendor spoiled our dinner appetite, but they were delicious!  

No idea who was the white-haired and robust designer was, but we watched the ongoing outdoor fashion show at Caffé Pedricchi. Our dinner was at Breck. They advertise as "Fast Food" but a chef skillfully prepared dishes to our specification. 

Our impression of Padova is very positive. It is more relaxed, low-key, but definitely a dynamic university town amidst the medieval setting.

Aloha -- Cathi