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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Colorado River Adventure

Aloha Everyone,

Our sales presentation was conducted by Jeff, a pleasant and likable individual who works for Colorado River Adventure. What I understood from the 90 minutes verbal and video presentation is that Emerald Cove Resort, the parent company, owns and manages 9 RV resorts in western Arizona, California and Mexico. The firm is also affiliated with other national companies that offer membership-based programs including Coast to Coast Resorts and foreign vacation rentals of timeshare properties.

We love to travel in Honu. When Jeff was talking about possible rental properties in Italy, Spain and other countries, we were all ears. However two things in particular alerted us not to sign any documents today.

1). The time pressure set until 2:00 pm today to sign the contract or else we would lose a huge amount of money being given as an incentive to commit NOW.

2). No review of the contract document or time to consult with a third party

J.J. and I ran the numbers and decided that any benefits being promised verbally would not outweigh the potential losses we might incur in terms of the substantial one time membership fee ($9,000) plus ongoing monthly/annual fees.

We declined.

Aloha - Cathi