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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Maria's Kusina, Filipino Restaurant

Aloha Everyone,

A wonderful treat waited for us after J.J. drove Honu through a pouring rain and heavy holiday lunch time traffic. The restaurant where J.J.'s Cousin Nonny and his wife, Moira invited us was Maria's Kusina, a Filipino Restaurant located in Buena Park. One of the owners, Mila is a sister of Nonny which means another J.J.'s many first cousins.

J.J.'s maternal grandmother, Lola Nena Albert, was a fabulous cook. A number of J.J.'s cousins and their children, like Vicktor, are continuing the family tradition. Mila, I recall, always was a terrific cook but for her to move on from teaching mathematics in high school and college to running of a restaurant must be an interesting personal story.  

Nonny and Moira's suggestions of Bangus Sisig, tofu sisig, Pangsit Bihon, garlic fried rice and Mila's special, leche flan (rich egg and milk dessert not on the menu) were all delicious!

Mila mentioned that at Maria's Kusina, all their food are cook to order. On weekends, the place gets packed with their regular clientele. We have a reason for return visits as the menu is quite extensive and sounds appetizing. Here is the website of Maria's Kusina.

Aloha -- Cathi