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Friday, December 16, 2016

From Sunny Arizona back to Rainy California

Aloha Everyone

Checking the online weather forecast, J.J. and I were prepared for a rainy day drive. However the morning light was incredibly bright and beautiful. The sun was out and birds were singing. Therefore even after my phone conversation with my Mother followed by 3 text messages from our family, J.J. and I shrugged our shoulders and said "Maybe we will avoid the rain!"

About 2/5 of the way, as we approached the Morongo Indian Casino, it began to rain. Not a shower but heavy downpour along with gusty winds. J.J. decided to load diesel and we also stopped for lunch at a Panda Express restaurant.

By the time we were on I-605, the sun had re-emerged. The Friday afternoon holiday traffic was heavy.  

We have arrived safely back at my Mother's house. The two of us are very happy to see her and gaining an hour to boot.

Aloha -- Cathi