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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lake Havasu

Aloha Everyone,

We took scenic route 95 from Lake Havasu City retracing our step back to Parker, located along Lake Havasu.

After two days of dining on Mexican food, we were very happy to find a Thai Restaurant. J.J. commented that his Chicken Pad Thai was so-so, but my Yellow Tofu Curry which I ask to be Hot, was very satisfactory.  

On route, an RV park being advertised by the Havasu Spring Resort for $10 per night caught our eyes. The two of us are not naive. We knew that there will be a catch somewhere. When we walked into the reception room, we were informed that we can stay a minimum of two nights at $10 per night including free WiFi, electricity and sewer hookups. In exchange we have to attend a 90 minutes presentation about the Colorado River Adventure Club. No purchase necessary, but if we decline to attend the presentation, our nightly cost would be $50. J.J. and I agreed.

The wind is 35-40 mph. Everyone we met during our evening walk around the RV park assured us that this is very unusual. People we encountered believe that this is paradise compared to the Midwest area and the Pacific Northwest where many of the regular "residents" are from.

Vicky, a friendly neighbor from Washington State and her husband are staying for 5 months to avoid the wet and cold season back home.

Aloha -- Cathi