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Thursday, December 1, 2016

To Laughlin, NV

Aloha Everyone,

Utilizing Siri's mostly reliable navigation program, J.J. drove 280 miles today from Torrance, CA to Laughlin, NV. Our route took us through I-110, I-710, I-105, I-605,  I-210, I-15 and finally to I-40. The program checks for road conditions and traffic. I can't imagine the days we had to do all the navigations by maps. Technology certainly has made our RV adventure easier than those who took to the road before us.

One of the enjoyable highlights being on a familiar route is to recapture the sights that had impressed us previously. Near the Claremont colleges, we looked forward to an overpass where trees are planted giving a pleasant, park-like feel rather than the usual steel and concrete structure. Such green freeway overpasses are often seen in the northwestern states, but are not as common in California.

For the next two nights, we are staying at a KOA campground adjacent to the AVI Casino Resort and Casino complex. Owned by the Mohave tribe, we were happy to see that the reservation has substantial Colorado river "water rights' for use in irrigation.

Honu's front yard is the Mohave Resort Golf Course. Rico, a Mohave tribe member, gave us a ride to the casino where J.J. and I found not-so-authentic Mexican food for dinner.

Laughlin is located at the border of Nevada and Arizona, confusing my electronic devices. It keeps changing from Nevada to Arizona time. Cool and dry evening, perfect weather for the two of us to stroll back to the RV park enjoying the incredible twilight hour.

Aloha -- Cathi