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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Aztec & Spanish Legacy on México

Aloha Everyone,

Mexico’s population estimate is 113 million based on 2010 data. The country is divided into 31 states and one federal district. The country of Mexico was named after the capital city, Mexico City.  Here is a simplified list of Aztec legacy and Spanish contributions to México after the Spaniards defeated the Aztecs in 1521.

Aztec Legacy:

1.  Mexican flag - An eagle with a snake in the mouth, perched on top of a cactus is based on the original myth of how the Aztecs came to find their capital Tenochtitlán.  Today, the ruins of  Tenochtitlán are located in the central part of Mexico City.

2.  The Nahuatl is still spoken by 1.5 million people, mostly in the states of Central México.

3.  Chocolates

4.  Models of organic farms 

5.  Herbal medicines

Spanish legacy:

1.  Catholicism - 81% of adult Mexicans are reported to be Catholic.
2.  The Spanish language - 92.7% of the people in México only speak Spanish.

3.  Animals - horses, cattle, sheep and donkeys were introduced.

4.  Weaponry - muskets and cannons

5.  Smallpox - which eventually decimated the Aztec empire.

Aloha -- Cathi