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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Feeling Secure in Guadalajara

Aloha Everyone,

Our friends who have lived or travelled in Mexico have shared with us their personal experiences and reminders not to go out at night.

Even when traveling with Honu, J.J. and I hardly go out at night on our own. We settle in an RV Park by 4:00 pm or before the sky darkens. So do we feel safe and secure in the colonial highlands of México? Yes, we feel secure though always remain in a state of mindfulness.

There are local and national police, private security guards, in front of and inside nearly all establishments. What we concern ourselves is that a person with a gun runs amok. But then, we can’t worry about everything. Crossing a street, even you have the right of way, is risky as some drivers completely disregard changing signal lights and traffic signs.

Concert of Tchaikovsky’s program is on at the Teatro Degollado in the Centro tonight. Unfortunately, it starts at 8:30 and this violates our rule of being out at night.

We stepped out to purchase drinking water and witnessed demonstrators marching for women’s rights. It was a peaceful and well organized group of about 1,000 women. We spoke with a gentleman visiting from Honduras whose English was excellent. He told us that such demonstrations are common in Latin America as women are still often abused and discriminated at workplaces, as well as by society in general.

Aloha -- Cathi