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Monday, March 5, 2018

Guadalajara Centro

Aloha Everyone,

Architecturally impressive landmarks seems to be concentrated in the Centro Histórico district of Guadalajara. From our hotel, it’s an easy 15 minutes walk. The weather has been in the low 50’s to mid-80’s. Early in the morning and by sunset, it gets breezy and very pleasant for a stroll.

Our lunch stop was at La Rinconada Plaza Tapatía. So elegant and beautiful, this late 19th Century French-Style mansión was once a private home of a prominent citizen. J.J.’s pasta was “al dente” (firm) just like in Italy. My salad tasted fresh and better than its appearance. We enjoyed having lunch in a place with wonderful ambiance. The music playing was Julio Iglesias, one of my all time favorite Spanish singer.

La Rotonda de Los Jaliscienses Ilustres is one of the main plazas in Centro Histórico. The busts of important individuals are displayed, attracting students and visitors who are interested in history.

Aloha -- Cathi