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Friday, March 2, 2018

In Search of Alebrije

Aloha Everyone,

Alebrijes look somewhat like a dragon, a mystical creature that originates out of one’s imaginations. Alebrijes are Mexican folk art sculptures made of wood, papier-mâché or sometimes in metal. Pedro Linares is generally credited to creating the first alebrijes as well as the name “alebrije.”

My first discovery of Alebrije was a metal sculpture on the wall of a restaurant in Guanajuato. The second time I saw one was at the toy museum in San Miguel de Allende. Since then I decided to do some research and look for a book or a small replica to take back to our granddaughter.

Today’s quest which led us to three bookstores and a couple of toy shops did not bear fruit. But J.J. and I were able to find unusual restaurants. We had our lunch where upstairs was a research library and gallery.

For dinner, the restaurant customers literally walk by a large, bright and hygienic kitchen where food handlers were all clad in white uniform from head to toe. Inside, the place was absolutely packed reminding us of popular dim sum restaurants on Sundays in Hong Kong. Service was quick and professional. Quality of food?  Well, let’s just say J.J. and I stood up with our plates still half full.

Aloha -- Cathi