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Monday, March 12, 2018

Return to Léon

Aloha Everyone,

Mexican bus transportation is reliable, once the bus we boarded had left the terminal. And it is very comfortable, air conditioned, with less than 40 passengers using reclining seats equipped with individual tv screens. For our bus ride from Guadalajara to Léon, it was approximately 139 miles and it took us a little over 2 hours. Traveling In México teaches us patience. This morning, we took a taxi to the central bus terminal. The clerk at the ticket window stated the time of the next departure was in 10 minutes.

Here let me share with you one necessary aspects of traveling, use of the public toilet. In México, they are often referred to as “Sanitarios”. At bus terminals, you drop 6 pesos to enter. There is no attendants, but for the small payment of US$.33, one could generally expect spotless and modern facilities which can rival a similar one anywhere around the world.

I did not realize that the gate I went in and the gate I walked out were different until I found myself in a completely foreign environment. Realizing my error, I told the security guard that I do not have my bus ticket with me as I need to rejoin my husband.

So far so good until I found J.J. in a state of a panic. He was checking time and we had 2 minutes to board the bus. The two of us grabbed our 2 suitcases and rushed to the designated area. Check and more checks and we were then told that our bus has not yet arrived at the station. When we asked them how long we expected to wait, they casually stated, “10, 30, 60 minutes, who knows...”

Our wait was about one hour and during that time, we noticed that passengers to other destinations were encountering similar delays. But nobody complained or even appeared irritated. They took such occurrence in stride. Perhaps we can learn how to lead less stressful lives.

Landscape between Guadalajara to Léon reminded us of Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.

Our hotel in Léon, Wyndham Garden, is located in an isolated area within a 10 minutes ride to the airport. J.J. and I are running the AC which seemed to be set too cold, but our room becomes too stuffy when it is off. We requested for a blanket.

Aloha -- Cathi