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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sculptures and Street Art

Aloha Everyone,

Sculptures are “part of the philosophy of the park as a dynamic public space” according to a press release from Guadalajara city hall.  

Among these sculptures, the “Arbol Adentro” located on the pedestrian walkway on Avenida Alcalde by Artist Jose Fors is unique and eye-catching. It is supposed to be a half-human bronze head out of which a tree will sprout. No tree yet but we had to wait for children to climb down before J.J. could take my photo.

Street art is everywhere. They differ from Graffiti as these enormous canvases are signed and left alone by other graffiti artists.

J.J. and I finally found the restaurant we’ve been wanting to try but could not find the entrance. It turned out that the restaurant is part of a department store. The access to the restaurant is via the cosmetic department. The food and the service were excellent, so we might make a return visit.

Aloha -- Cathi