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Thursday, March 1, 2018

¡Donde está la Lavandería? (Where is a laundromat?)

Aloha Everyone

Our hotel offers dry cleaning services to its guests but not laundry. So this morning, after our healthy breakfast, the two of us went out to look for a lavanderia (laundry service).

 Based on instructions from the front desk clerk and out breakfast room server, it sounded like the place is within a 10 minutes walk from our hotel.

J.J. and I should’ve questioned their directions when one told us to go North and the other to head South. Clean, orderly street became untidy, unkempt, and the two of us realized that we were lost. How relieved we felt after 20 minutes or so of uneasy walk, we begin to see familiar sights including Jardín Cuauhtémoc, Museo De La Artes, Universidad de Guadalajara. J.J. correctly assessed that we were going in the general direction but in a round about way.

So happy to finally find Clean Laundry and dropped off our weekly washing requirements.

Instead of 50 minutes walk, our return back took us only 20 minutes.

J.J. spent the afternoon catching up on US and international news, while I tackled the 100 Most Common Spanish Verbs.  

I apologize to the linguists among you but at this time, I am focused mainly on tenses of present, past and future, and not so much on imperfect, conditional and all other perfects which I had to memorize when I first studied Spanish in high school. It is rewarding to be able to string along 2-3 sentences without hesitation to communicate with Los Tapatíos, as those living in Guadalajara call themselves.

Aloha -- Cathi