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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Bristol Day 1, World Cup, England Advances to Semi-Final

Aloha Everyone,

Today our main activity was to go to the Galleries Shopping Center located about 20 minutes walk from our hotel. We need to purchase a SIM card for our European phone so that I can call my Mother. Though I’ve been sending her emails, she prefers to hear my voice.

Our walk took us to Castle Park. We noted the brown lawn surrounding St. Peter’s Church. They are having an unusually hot summer and no rain.

Brits love dogs. Based on one national survey, 46% prefer dogs compared to only 19% for cats. The two of us saw some proud dog owners and equally proud dogs parading around which we assumed was in some sort of contest.

Football (Soccer in the USA) is huge and today England beat Sweden in the  quarter final. The World Cup being held in Russia was televised all over the city. J.J. and I watched in the comfort of our air conditioned hotel room. After England’s 2-0 victory, the entire country erupted in celebration. When we walked out looking for a place to dine, restaurants were either filled or sealed off for private parties only.

Next Wednesday, England will play against Croatia. We will be prepared with food and drinks to avoid street merriment that is expected — win or lose.

Aloha -- Cathi