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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Expanding Our Dining Experience

Aloha Everyone,

To celebrate a great dental checkup the two of us went to have lunch at Hansel & Gretel Restaurant in El Jardin Mall. Previously we bypassed the restaurant thinking it would be a cake and pastry shop. Front counters displayed lots of delectable sweets, but once J.J. and I were seated, the menu offered a wide array of dishes.

J.J. selected Filet Mignon and though it was served very rare for my taste, he enjoyed it. I had a delicious salad dish featuring Quinoa, kale, beans, mushrooms and several varieties of other veggies.

Afternoon, the two of us walked diagonally across the street from our hotel to a tiny heladería (ice cream shop). Good gelato though little similarity to Italian. There was a constant stream of customers mostly getting taking out orders.  While J.J. and I were seated at one of the 9 small tables, 5 were occupied. Cheerful staff doing brisk business. For a double cone of coffee and chocolate flavors, we paid $1.50 each.

To offset my big lunch and a snack, I prepared a small, sensible plate of Quinoa cracker and fruits for my evening meal.

Aloha -- Cathi