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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Brief & Joyful Encounter with John Wright

Aloha Everyone,

John, a young American, has been traveling all over Ecuador on a rental motorbike. Our common love for traveling and seeking an adventurous lifestyle easily overcame the age gap.

One interesting experience John shared with us was about getting medical attention in a small town. When his bike accidentally fell on his hand and a rock cut a finger, he needed medical attention at a community health center. In Ecuador, there is no charge even for a foreigner. When John offered to pay, they told him that the service is free, but the staff would appreciate the gift of beer. The three of us agreed that in the USA, an emergency clinic would’ve easily costed $1,000.

It rained all day. J.J. and I took a taxi to Mall del Rio, located in the newer section of Cuenca along the River Tomebamba. After finishing my walk and seeing that restaurants in the complex are local or international fast food chains, we returned to Centro Historico for lunch.

Here are some of the food we’ve enjoyed during the last 6 days of our Cuenca visit.

Aloha -- Cathi