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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Why J.J. & I Love Cuenca

Aloha Everyone,

Cuenca combines the laidback South American character with the sophistication of a European city. Dunkin Donuts, where J.J. occasionally takes a coffee break, is well camouflaged inside a historical building combining the old and new. It is part of Cuenca’s charm.

Cuenca Tram has been operating since 25 May 2020. To accommodate this rail tram line, streets were modified and sidewalks were widen. The tram single line route is about 6.65 miles. It is estimated to carry 120,000 passengers per day. Our friend Sandra mentioned the convenience and cost savings by using the tram is worthwhile. When Sandra goes to her office, she rides her bike to catch the tram, carries the bike on board and then continues riding her bike.  By leaving her car at home, Sandra saved on gas and parking.

Cuencanos take pride in the cleanliness of their city. Street sweepers clad in head to toe uniform have assigned locations to maintain the area free of leaves and trash. Small rubbish cans found around the city streets are also emptied regularly.

A pedestrian friendly city means stores stay open late, allowing balloon and cotton candy vendors to do brisk business. Restaurants likewise remain open late.

Cuenca offers a greater choice of quality international one-of-a-kind dining experience. Each meal averages $20-30 for the two of us. Considering the salary for the service industry is around $3 an hour (monthly salary of the general working population is $475), what J.J. and I pay is pricey.

There are restaurants that offer a lunch set menu as indicated on this board. The set menu includes soup, main dish, salad, juice and dessert. It was advertised for $6.50. The cheapest at a modest eatery was $2.25.

Aloha -- Cathi