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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Dentists On House Call

Aloha Everyone,

Two dentists and a technician came to our hotel room to give J.J. and me thorough dental checkups and teeth cleaning. When Dr. Espinosa mentioned that he could arrange for dentists to come to our hotel room, the two of us were not sure what to expect. While we were being introduced to Dr. Bryan Medina and Dr. Sarah García, the technician transformed a section of our hotel suite into a well equipped dental clinic. This was not like what you have seen in movies where soldiers see a dentist in war zone field tents.

Adhering to a strict COVID-19 protocol, they sanitized all equipment prior and after our checkup. We were given a disposable hair cap, goggles and a full disposable gown. After reviewing our medical histories and showing them copies of our US passports, they were ready for us.

Lying on a portable but adjustable dental chair with bright overhead light, running water, water basin and dental instruments, it felt no different than if I was in a dental clinic. Major difference was we were very comfortable to be in our familiar surroundings..

The two of us were given fluoride treatment and were informed that J.J. and I have no cavities! The entire house call took 2 1/2 hours including taking souvenir selfies

Dr. Medina explained that this concept of offering home service was born in addressing health concerns of his clients who rather delay dental services while society is dealing with COVID-19. This VIP dental service cost us $100 per person!! It was an unique and definitely memorable experience.

Aloha -- Cathi