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Friday, June 4, 2021

This is Not Our Laundry!

Aloha Everyone,

Our outside laundry service has been very efficient since we started to use them. We usually drop off a bag or two prior to 11:00 am and pay for the cost and by the following day late afternoon, our clothes delivered to our hotel. For the delivery service, we pay an additional $1 per bag. So our cost to have our usual weekly laundry done is $13-26. 

When the hotel staff knocked on our door and brought in our laundry, I just motioned him to place the bundle on the dining table. A few hours later, when I was going to put away our freshly cleaned clothes, I realized that they were not ours!

It was too late to call the laundromat. The following morning at 7:00 am, our very reliable hotel staff immediately telephoned the proprietress of Mr. Jeff Lavandería. Her response was immediate. J.J. and I actually saw her bringing our bundle. With apologies she offered to pick up our next laundry from the hotel.

A minor inconvenience but all ended well for this laundry mixed up.

Aloha -- Cathi