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Monday, June 21, 2021

Returned to Quito

Aloha Everyone

The two of us are safely back in Quito. The taxi ride from our hotel in Cuenca to the airport was less than 15 minutes. Check-in time about 30 minutes. Additional waiting time an hour and a half. The flight from Cuenca to Quito took only 35 minutes. Overall it was a pleasant uneventful morning.

Flying over Ecuador’s valleys from Cuenca to Quito is truly a delightful experience. J.J. and I talked about the green countryside. The valleys were protected by both mountains and dormant volcanoes. Some calderas had lakes.

The taxi we took from the Quito airport to our hotel had an ingenious way of putting plastic shield allowing 3 passengers to ride in his cab.

Our room in Quito is exactly the same stack as the previous one but two floors higher. There are a couple of noticeable improvements including a newly installed safety bar in the shower. We are wondering if this was done to accommodate J.J. We had mentioned that their shower floor tiles are slippery and actually purchased a rubber bath mat to prevent any accidents. We are considered as good guests after spending more than two months. The hotel has very few guests due to the pandemic.

Aloha -- Cathi