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Monday, June 14, 2021

Breakfast and Fruits Juices

Aloha Everyone

We look forward to our daily breakfast served in the dining room located on the ground floor of our hotel. First item served is a medley of 5 different tropical fruits with yogurt and granola.

A choice of hot beverages including coffee, tea, hot chocolate or hot milk comes next. We are then given choices of how we would like our eggs. A basket of freshly baked bread, butter and jam are brought out. Some days, the kitchen prepares special items for guests. Bolon, a typical Ecuadorian food made of boiled cooking banana smashed then made into a ball stuffed with local cheese then fried in oil is good but too heavy as a breakfast food item.

The thing I look forward to each morning is different tropical fruit juice. So far we have had raspberry, papaya, watermelon, yellow tomato and my favorite, Guanabana (Soursap). It is white in color, not sweet, refreshing and tastes very healthy!

Aloha -- Cathi