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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Debates About Masks

Aloha Everyone,

Life is uncomplicated when everyone is mandated to wear masks. For the past ten weeks, J.J. and I have been using a minimum for one new surgical mask per person per day. That equals 140 masks.  Additionally, I use a cotton cloth mask over it. The cotton mask is reusable and it can be hand washed and dried in the sun.

In Ecuador, surgical masks and colorful embroidered masks are sold everywhere. One can also purchase, “Made in Ecuador” masks from drug stores and supermarkets. Roaming vendors likewise sell masks.

As the two of us prepare for our return to the USA, there are lots of confusion and conflicting information for the traveling public. We don’t know when or where masks are still required. 

By the time we are safely back in LA on the 30th of June, J.J. and I would be able to share our personal experiences regarding masks.

Aloha -- Cathi