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Friday, June 11, 2021

Lunch with Direct View of the New Cathedral of Cuenca

Aloha Everyone,

The new Cathedral of Cuenca is one of the major attractions and it is just two city blocks from our hotel.  

After my walking exercises around the park in front of the cathedral, the two of us proceeded to Plaza San Francisco. We were both curious to see how the area has changed since our first visit 7 years ago.

The entire area has gone through a wonderful facelift. Most buildings have been repainted, the center of the plaza, formerly used as a parking lot is now clean and open for pedestrians.

What I remember of Otavalos, native tribes, and their temporary stalls, where they were erected in the morning and dismantled at night, had been replaced with more organized and semi-permanent stores selling handwoven native crafts.

Highlight of the day was our lunch at a restaurant located on the second floor of an inner courtyard with picture perfect direct view of the New Cathedral!

J.J.’s French onion soup and English-style beef sandwich and my Greek inspired salad were very good, but it paled in comparison to the million dollar view!

Our server Luis Peñaloza is from Venezuela. Personable young man, his plan is one day to work in the USA and eventually settle in Venezuela to plant and produce native coffee. Inspiring to hear Luis’ youthful dreams and aspirations. We wish him well.

Aloha -- Cathi