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Monday, May 31, 2021

Observing Personal Memorial Day

Aloha Everyone,

Since losing my Mother in August 10, 2020, observation of Memorial Day has taken a different personal meaning for me. My Mother loved flowers. She grew them in her yard all around her house. When roses bloomed, she would cut them to place in vases around the house. She also gave away her flowers to whoever admired them. 

So this morning’s breakfast table was beautifully decorated with a small bouquet of roses, I was touched.

I noticed a white canvas tent with Red Cross blood drive. I stopped by to offer a small monetary donation. One of the men who was manning the booth said that they cannot accept any monetary donations but they would gladly accept my blood donation. I had to twist my brain to come up with a phrase, “I would love to give but because I am a cancer survivor, my blood would not be acceptable. To that, he replied, “I am sorry. Please accept a candy.” You find kind and compassionate people everywhere.

I conclude this Memorial Day blog with a few of my favorite photos of my Mother and me.

Aloha -- Cathi