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Thursday, May 6, 2021

My iPhone is Repaired, Breakfasts, and More Uber Eats

Aloha Everyone,

Thanks to Jeff’s resourcefulness, he found a non-authorized iPhone repair shop that did a great job of restoring my iPhone. With parts replaced and repaired, the cost was $100.20. I paid in cash. No receipt given but I am happy and grateful!

The three of us eat the American Breakfast at the hotel. Usually we get an assortment of 3 different fresh fruits, 3 pieces of bread, coffee, tea, chocolate or milk, and choice of fruits juice, followed by 2 eggs prepared per your request.

J.J. has been having plain scrambled eggs or soft boiled, Jeff has scrambled with ham and veggies and I usually ask for huevos duro (hard boiled eggs).

Our lunch and dinner menus are either take out foods from nearby restaurants or delivery via Uber Eats.

Here are our meals for the last few days. Greek Grilled Mutton, grilled beef, Ekmek (custard cream & shredded pastry dessert). 

For dinner, we ordered from a Chinese restaurant. Bento box with tempura shrimps, overall chop suey meal. J.J. enjoyed egg-dropped soup and Hunan-style beef with vegetables.

Another milestone with today’s visit by Dr. Espinosa. One of the drain tubes was removed and Dr. Espinosa also discarded  the bandage over J.J.’s surgical wound.

Aloha -- Cathi